Zanskar Valley Trips

Destinations: Leh - Mulbekh - Kargil - Rangdum - Padum - Karsha - Zangla Fort - Rangdum - Mulbekh - Alchi
Trip Duration: 11 Nights - 12 Days
Best Time: Jun-Oct
Grade: Easy
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Enjoy an Adventurous Trip to The Breathtaking Zanskar Valley.

One of the most unique places to visit in Ladakh is Zanskar, the hidden land. Situated at an altitude that lies between 3500 m to 7000 m above sea level, this is one of the coldest and most barren places on the earth. Zanskar covers an entire 7000sqkm of barren land area and its’ altitude makes it almost inaccessible for five to six months in a year, when it is bitter cold. During the winter months, all high passes  are closed and the river simply frees. However, it is one of the world more famous adventure zones, primarily because of its exotic landscapes. Tek to  Zanskar valley  will take you through some of the most exotic places here. As it is surrounded on all sides by mountains covered with snow, making is a much sought after paradise. Walking over the frozen river to reach the capital of Zanskar – Padum is indeed a fun-filled adventure. This trekking route is known as Chadar trek. It is one of the most important Zanskar valley trek routes.

Let’s take a look at the interesting zanskar geography. The most beautiful valley in this region in Ladakh is the Zanskar and Suru valleys. Both valleys are flanked on either side by majestic glaciers. The Suru River borders on the northern and western boundary of the Zanskar range. The Suru River is met on its path by the Dras and Shingo Rivers, right before Kargil, from where it reaches the Indus River, which follows down to Pakistan. The last place here with inhabitants is the Rangdum Monastery and the adjoining Julidok village. This place is also inhabited by the Bakarwals, who are a nomadic tribe that wander through this area. They arrive here during every summer from the Jammu region.

The most important town in the Suru Valley is Kargil. Prior to 1947, it was the stop over point for caravans travelling through the region’s trade routes. It is located at a distance of 230 kilometers from Srinagar. The most important social and cultural centers here are Leh, Skardo, and Padum. And Rangdum is more aligned with Zanskar than the Suru Valley.

The Zanskar region has two rivers namely the Stod or Doda and the Lungnak or the Tsarap Lingti. The Tsarap, which is one of the main tributaries of the Lungnak, rises in the Tsarap Lingti. This tributary is joined by the Lingti and another tributary, after which it flow northwest. It’s meanders here before joining the Kargyak River, which flows into the state of Himachal Pradesh. The united waters of the Zanskar River move through a steep gorge in the Zanskar range to reach the majestic Indus River at Nyemo. During winter Zanskar witnesses heavy snow falls and so it is blocked to visitors from mid-November. It will again reopen only in the month of May.

You can see all these interesting natural locations by booking with us and we will take you to this breathtaking place of Zanskar.  This land is awesome and unforgetable experience  on this planet.


Day 01 : Delhi to Leh

Day 02 : Local sightseeing.

Day 03 : Leh-Mulbekh (Kargil Distrct) via Likir-Lamayuru (190Kms)

Day 04: Mulbekh (Kargil) to Rangdum (270Kms / 6-7Hrs)

Day 05: Rangdum to Padum ( the capital of Zanskar region) (230Kms/ 8-9 Hrs)

Day 06: Padum rest day and evening Sani monastery-Bardan Monastery.

Day 07 : Trip to  to Karsha-Zangla Fort.

Day 08 : Padum to Rangdum

Day 09 : Rangdum to Mulbekh

Day 10 : Mulbekh to Leh via Alchi temple, the 11th Century fresco Painting.

Day 11 : Rest day in Leh

Day 12: Leh to Delhi/Srinagar

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