About MAITREYA TOURS,Ladakh-Himalayas


MAITREYA TOURS is operated and lead by Mr. Dorjey Daya with a team of dynamic and young experienced members. The team members of Maitreya Tours have worked in this business for a long time as guides and escorts in the Himalayan region. With the help of our experienced team we organize various adventurous activities and provide all travel related information and we offer best possible  services in Ladakh, Himachal Pradesh - Himalayan region, Kashmir as well as to Buddha Circuit in the winter season and in different parts of India as well.

MAITREYA TOURS:-  The travel company had  established  more than 2 decade ago by Mr. Dorjey Daya and it has been officially a part of tourism industry since then. The objective of our company is to work with harmony and unity, to understand each other for the peace of mind and body. We believe in teamwork; the givers and the takers are inter-related and that is how the World goes round. We are capable of providing all kinds of itinerary and tour related information for our esteemed clients’. If you  are decide to invest in us, we make sure we offer you the best possible service in return of your investment. We try our best to make your tour with us most comfortable & memorable.

Our itineraries include trekking, expedition, mountain biking /motorbike tour or river rafting.We  also  organize  cultural study tour or a jeep safari tour to remote areas of this land or even interacting with the Himalayan people and staying with them in a beautiful hemlet/village (homestays).

MAITREYA TOURS are  expert and enthusiasts  in Wildlife and often organizes widlife trip like birding trip in summer, Snow Leopard trek in winter, Pallas's cat spotting in the any season. Please join us  for yet  another interesting programs we often offer to our interested customers.

Ladakh allows only local tour operators and travel companies to operate within the region. This means that no matter what travel company from outside you come through, if you are booking a tour inside Ladakh, Local based tour Operator/ Agent is the only ground service provider. Since we are a local based agent & tour Operator, we help you to minimize the cost by eliminating the cost of "middle men."  When you book directly with a local Ladakh based Tour operator you will enjoy much cheaper cost of the tour and best of the services.When you book through local tour companies like ours,you are also benefiing the local Himalayan people. All the services and manpower we use are strictly locally based. This means that you are investing in local Taxi driver, local guides, horse men, porters, homestays, hotels, village vegetable vendors, provision vendors, and so on. Your investment in us is directly and indirectly improving the economy of local families of this region who are involved in your tour in some way or the other. Ladakh's tourist season is dream-like short. The income that is earned during this short tourist season is shared & distributed among all the various services provided by Maitreya tour and that is how we sustain through the harsh 6 to 7 months.

Maitreya Tours is an Eco-friendly and nature concern tour operator. We work for the betterment of the environment and our whole team is equally concern and co-operative with nature. Our main motto for the tour is: leave nothing except your footprints!

MAITREYA RESIDENCY:- A comfortable and a beauitful  & peaceful,  local hospitality homestays at the bank of river Indus for our esteemed guests. The homestay is managed by Mr. Dorjey Daya's family. It is located 10 mins away from Leh airport/ Leh market. It  is one of the most accesible and comfortable homestays in the region. It  is located next  to H.H. the 14th Dalai Lama residence at Choglamsar Zampa.

Our esteemed guests are served with organic & hygienic meals, the vegetables are grown in our own garden.You can  also given chance to prepare food  together with us and learn how to cook local food. Our Homemade meals are much appreciated by all due to its purely hygienic and organic. If you  are interest to  stay with us for sometime; Kindly let us know in advance.

For more information about our Homestays; please contact us anytime.  We hope you  will join with us for your  tour and stay for an unforgetable tour of Ladakh.  

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