Snow Leopard trek with monastic Festival 2019

Destinations: Leh - Matho - Stok
Trip Duration: 12 Nights - 13 Days
Best Time: January to February
Altitude: 3800 Mt.
Highlights: Snow Leopard Trek with Monastic Festival 2019
Villages: Leh, Rumbak, Yurutse,
Grade: Strenuous
Price From: Price Available On Request

Leh-Ladakh has some beautiful monastic festival during the winter month, these monastic festival are very popular and most sort out festival, it is also called Oracles festivel. First Oracles festival start at Stok village with regular monastic festival with colourful mask dance and then this oracles appearance with boost the festival more energetic and life.   

The second festival appear at Matho monastery and it is called Rongtsen, unlike Stok Oracles, these two oracles is assumed by two Venerable monks of Matho monastery and they sit for long  self retreat before assuming this trance state of mind. The two Oracles considered very holy and they announcemet and pronoun many future state of situation  to the general public. Many young and old, local as well as foreign tourists rush to  see these Oracles at Matho. So long with these monastic festival our guests can come for Snow Leopard trek in Leh-Ladakh. We have been promoting and sale this wildlife itinerary along festival and dates are mentioned in the itinerary.



14th  February 2019 : Delhi to Leh:- Arrival from Delhi to Leh and transfer to Hotel for acclimatization day, complete rest for the day and late evening take a walk to the local market. Overnight hotel at Leh

15th February:  Local walk / Sightseeing of monastery:-After breakfast, we will take short sightseeing of local market and visit to local monastery nearby for better acclimatization. Hot lunch in the local market and overnight hotel in Leh

16th  February: Festival day: Stok Guru-Tsechu:- After breakfast drive to Stok Village for the watching this Oracles festival, thousand of local native visit to witness this most popular festival and seek the blessing of this famous oracles for two days festival. Overnight hotel at Leh.

17th   February : Second day Festival  at Stok: Oracles Festival:-  After breakfast visit again for the second day  to Stok to witness this festival and enjoy the colourful local crowd at this place and the Oracle and its prophecy etc.  Overnight hotel at Leh.

18th February 2019 :  Most Popular   Oracles  Festival:- After breakfast drive to Matho Nagrang,   the most famous Oracles festival at Matho monastery. Thousand of local native flock here to witness these two oracles and to hear their prophecy and mask dances during this winter period.

19th February  :  Matho Nagrang Festival:- Oracles at this monastic occur once in a year and it is the most sort out oracles to witness, enjoy the colourful mask dances and the crowd.

20th February : Ulley to Hemis National Park (HNP) drive/Hike:- After a morning of spotting trials, drive to  Hemis High Altitude National Park (HNP); Jeep will drop at  Zinchen within HNP and trek to Husing Valley (3550 mtrs), where camp for the rest of the days is  already set-up camping place by our staff.  The trek from Zinchen till Camp is about 01 hour with stops for spotting in the by-passing Tarbung Rigdges and valley. Evening at leisure at Camp Husing. Hot Lunch at the camp. Overnight Camping at Husing

21st February  : Full day  for Snow Leopard at HNP:-Full Day snow leopard spotting walks/treks into different valleys with inputs and guidance from Spotter(s) who scan the whole valley from morning till evening with breaks for morning tea/breakfast/lunch and evening tea. On spotting snow leopard, the spotters convey the message to guests with the help of walky talky and also by getting message personally by spotters who come to help guests getting their heavy camera gears to the spotting point normally a mount, ridge about 100-250 meter above the camp depending on the sighting spot. Overnight at Camp at Husing Valley.

22nd February :  Full day  for Snow Leopard at HNP:-Full Day Snow Leopard spotting walks/treks (similar to previous day), The camp is surrounded by few valleys popular for spotting Snow Leopards, like Husing Valley, Tsarbung Valley, Kharlung Valley, Tarbung Valley and Rumbak Valley. Spotter(s) will scan the Valleys on tip-offs and on their own experiences and convey messages to the camp and location of the guests. Overnight at  Camp, Husing

23rd February  : Hike to Rumbak Valley for Homestays:- After an early breakfast , today start trek to Rumbak / Urutsey Valleys (4250 Mtr).  The trek is uphill through the Rumbak stream, zig-zaging, on the iced stream few times, to reach to open Valley of Rumbak and Yurutsey junction.  Homestays in these villages are popular in the summer and many trekkers also enjoy experiencing Homestay in the winter.  Check in to Homestay and hot Lunch on arrival. Whole of the evening to enjoy valleys for great scenes of Stok Kangri range, passes as high as 5000 mtrs and also to look for Snow Leopard.  Whole of the Valley is also popular for spotting other wild animals and birds like, Lynx, Ibex, Ladakh Urial, Nyan, Blue Sheep, Wolf, Picas, Red Fox, Golden Eagle, Lammergeier. Overnight Homestay, Rumbak.

24th February  Rumbak to camp at Husing Hike down:- After breakfast trek down to Husing Valley, scanning Rumbak, Yurutse, Tsarbung, Kharlung Valley before reaching the Camp. Hot Lunch at the Camp. Whole of the afternoon at Husing. Evening at the camp and last Dinner Farewell Party with the local staff. Overnight Camp, Husing

25th February  : Last day at HNP & Drive back to Leh:-  After b/f one last time scan the slopes surrounding the camp and trek down to Jingchen. Pickup by car(s) to Hotel in Leh.  Hot lunch at Hotel, Leh and whole of the evening for checking photos, connecting with the families back home by phone/email and shopping for souvenirs’ from Ladakh. Overnight Hotel, Leh

26th February :  Leh to Delhi:- Transfer to KBR Airport Leh for further travel home with great memories of Ladakh and good photos of Snow Leopards and other winter wild animals of Ladakh.





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