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Ladakh is in the mid of summer season and there is quite hot and little humid; though it is bit cloudy today on 13th August 2018; There could be rain in the late evening. We are trying to promote Snow Leopard trek  and Snow Leopard tour of Ladakh-Himalayas for 2019. Ladakh is the capital home for Snow Leoapard in India & Ladakh has more chances of spotting Snow Leopard then  anywhere in the World. January and Feburary is the peak season for spotting Snow Leopard tour in Leh Ladakh. Snow Leopard live in a very high elevation due to hot weather during summer time and during winter due to heavy snow falls in the high region, they too come down for food and hunting their prey.  Every year Maitreya Tours is organizes Snow Leopard trek and Snow Leopard tour since many years has a fixed dates available and anyone can join in this group. Here are the fixed dates for your information:-

        1. 15th January to 27th January    2. 12th February to 24th February   3. 26th February till 10th March 2019  Maitreya Tours will be organize maximum 3 group and the group will consists of maximum 12 members for the Snow Leopard tour and trek for 2019. Anyone interested may join us accordingly.

News of Snow Leopard Sighting :-  On the 17th May 2017  Our office Team(WCBCL) got a information that " 49 Sheeps & Goat at Miru village of Ladakh; were killed  on 16th May 2017 night by a single Snow Leopard.   Our Team visited the spot and found the same,

Widlife Department team and some other NGO were also reached at the spot & promised to give some compensation but it will reach to the victims may be after a year hard-working  & submission of paper and documents to the office.

Our Team Headed by our Chairman, who reached to the spot as promised to give little compensation and after few days the 49 Sheep & Goats killed owner Nephew come to our office and Our Chairman and myself from the Wildlife Conservation & Birds Club of Ladakh (WCBCL) handed over a Cheques of INR.4900/- and promised to help in near future as well; provided they will let the Snow Leopard enjoy the prey/killed to some extent.

We wish Wildlife Department, Govt. of India; help and support this kind instantly; so that the livestock owners do not retaliate and poach the Snow Leopard, which is elusive, beautiful and the rarest of rare!

We wish to contribute sum amount of our earning from each Snow Leopard Trip to Wildlife Conservation & Birds Club of Ladakh to help such case in near future. WCBCL has a  various conservation  plan of Wildlife in Ladakh.

Ladakh has two  very Popular Festivals during the end of winter or early Spring time and it is called Oracles Festival, One is beginning of Stok Guru Tsechu, which will be held at Stok village/Gompa and two popular Oracles are trace and appear to give prediction and show different oracles skill during this period. It will be on 24th & 25th February 2018  and Second Oracles Festival will held at Matho monastery from 1-2th March 2018. This festival is a very colorful and visited be all the local villagers from Zanskar, Nubra Valley, Changthang and Arya Valley.

The Oracles play the role  of expelling or controlling hurtful spirits beleive to be in patients. In some cases Oracles cough, yell & beats their own boody until bruises  appear to gain control over a spirit. In extreme situations, Oracles get  in fierceful mood and hurts themseleves with  swords. Oracles also treat  and heal the patients & predict make proficy but sometime get violent.

The most famous & popular  oracles are at Matho monastery, they are called Rong-Stang, Two Venerable monks are chosen every three years by the monastic traditional procedure. These two Venerable monks  spend several months in isolated retreat area for self meditation to purefy their physical and mental defilements and prepare themselve to receive the trance state of Rong-Tsang, the deity during the occassion of Matho Nagrang, A two days monastic festival.

In this condition, during this two days Matho Nagrang, these two venerable monks Oracles answer the questions put to them by the public and individual.

There are lots of foreigners visit to Ladakh to witness this Oracles Festival. It is a most new things happening to tourists coming from different part of the World and we have a beautiful itinerary especially designed for this Oracles Festival, come & Join with us.

February till mid March is the mating season for Snow Leopard in Ladakh and I am going to Ulley for sighting Snow Leopard with my clients, if anyone still interested please give me a call and contact me for further. 25th -3rd March 2018. Snow Leopard mating are happening every year during this period and during this time, we got to spot Snow Leopard quite easily. As they meet for mating, we stay for severals days together. Hemis National Park in Ladakh-Himalayas, Ulley is another place for Snow Leopard sighting. Rong Valley is again a good place for sighting Snow Leopard, Stok, Matho village are also good place for sighting. Come & Join us with us for Sighting Snow Leopard during this period or write us for itinerary and dates.

Early Spring is the season beginning for the migratory bird to arrive from different part to Leh-Ladakh & if any birders interested may join us for trip with us.  It is the time for black Necked Crane to arrive from China, Bhutan and Tibet to India-Ladakh.

Leh-Ladakh registered in Guiness Book of Record for organizing and playing Ice-Hockey at the Highest Altitude 4371m above sea level at  Chibra-Kargyam,Changthang Ladakh,India 2018.  As many as six teams, including five Internatioanl teams from Canada, Germany, Russia, USA and India particpated inthe tournament, which was held from February 5 to 7 2018

 Ladakh Sindhu (Spring Festival) will be coming soon in early May in Ladakh 2018.

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                                                Sighting of Snow Leopard during end of Feb and early March 2018:

We have been in to the mountain of Sham Valley and just  back after a successful trip of Spotting Snow Leopard at  Saspotsey village in Shaam Valley. We spotted Snow Leopard which had killed a domestic cow and we spotted since February 26th, 2018 onward. Our clients also spotted Ibex, Ladakh Urial.

We also made a trip to Kyamar valley at Gya-meru area for the spotting of Tibetan Argali but did not made it.

This year will be organize a trip & tour of spotting Pallas's Cat at Hanle, Ladakh-Himalayas. This rarest of rare cat is only found in Ladakh area in India. There are few different places; where we can spot this rare cat in Ladakh. Pallas's cat spoting  itinerary is designed and anyone interested may join us.

January to end of Febuary till mid march trecking of Snow Leopard would be kind easy; during this period it is a matting season for this wild cats and they can be spot in pair and some time 3-4.  Come and join in our group for Snow Leopard trek 2019 with Maitreya Tours

Date for the Snow Leopard trek in Ladakh-Himalayas are fixed and here is the dates available and anyone interested in Spotting Snow Leopard in Ladakh during the winter time; can join us and book their space on below mentioned dates. The group size will be not more then 10 Pax in each group.

1. 15th January to 27th January    2. 12th February to 24th February   3. 26th February till 10th March 2024

                                                                         Conact us through whatsapp no:9419176036. 


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