MAITREYA RESIDENCY, A Homestays at the bank of river Indus 10 minutes drive from Leh market / Leh airport, offers different cuisine of local native ; which are typical and does not find at the restuarent at Leh market.  There will be a buffet of local meals specially on every Saturday  for interested to tast the cuisine and it costs Rs.599/- Per Person which includes drive from Leh and back to Leh as well. If there are special demand we will also serve for group.

Delicacies from Ladakhi Cuisine:

Almost every region of the earth has developed a distinctive dish making use of the available raw food and keeping a watch over the climatic suitability. The taste of the dish was also redefined by the culture of the respective region and thus, the dish was marked as food of that region or traditional delicacies of that region.

Ladakh (India) has played a crucial role in enhancing agricultural economy and lifestyle. Most of the population of Ladakh is engaged in agriculture activities and produce raw food for the preparation of their traditional dishes. Vegetables such as pumpkins, potatoes, beans and beetroots are cooked in different ways. Chicken and mutton are the common types of meat used in Ladakh cuisine. Thukpa and Skyu (made of wheat flour), khambir (local bread) and Pava (made of sattu) are the staple food of the people of Ladakh. Varieties such as Tsampa, Cholak, Thukpa, and Mok-Mok are also the speciaity of the Ladakhi Cuisine. Here is a small rundown of popular cuisines of Ladakh:


Dough made with white flour and water. crushed vegetables, meat or cheese are stuffed in the dough and thereafter dumplings are made. The dumplings are steamed and served hot with soup or chili sauce. Alternatively, the steamed momo may be deep fried and served hot with soup or chili sauce. 'Kothey' is the local name for this Ladakhi dish.


Thukpa in Tibetan language means noodles. The origin of this dish is in the eastern part of Tibet, thus, Amdo Thukpa is popular amidst Tibetan & Nepalese populace. Gradually, the dish became popular in Bhutan, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Ladakh, and other regions of India. Thukpa is basically a noodle soup, prepared by mixing noodles with mutton/ chicken or vegetables. In Ladakh, this soup is very popular and is also prepared in different varieties.


Thenthuk is also a common meals available in restaurant, prepared with wheat flour dough, mixed vegetables,mutton or chicken  pieces. In Thenthuk, instead of noodles  it is dough of wheat flour with varieties of veg/meat. Due to its filling properties, this is either served for lunch or dinner.


Skyu is a traditional dish of Leh- Ladakh. This is a daily meal of the Ladakhis. This dish is prepared using wheat flour (atta) kneaded dough to make small pieces of a thumb size cooked with adequate amount of water with varieties of vegetable and meat preparation as a supplement.


Paba and Tangtur is very nutritious and is the staple food of Ladakh. Paba is prepared using peas mixed with local black beans/wheat flour, water and add salt. It is similar to south Indian dish like ragi muddy(Idtthu), accompanied with Zathuk and Tangtur (buttermilk with wild vegetables).


Khambir is the local bread in pan shape. The crust of the bread is thick and brown in color. This bread is very filling as whole wheat is used in its preparation. Khambir is mostly served as breakfast with butter tea / salt tea. Tea prepared by adding and stirring butter and salt is the Butter Tea.

CHANG:-The local brew of Ladakh, made in a cylindrical porcelain pot by fermenting miller with yeast, is called Chang. Warm water is topped on the top, couple of times, till the miller loses its strength. The liquid extracted is the local brew, Chang.

Notes: We will be serving completely organic and Vegetarian meals.

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