Trip Duration: 9 Nights - 10 Days
Best Time: February-March 2018
Altitude: 3500mtr
Highlights: Winter Oracles festival in Ladakh
Villages: Stok, Matho, Leh, Khardongla
Price From: Price Available On Request


The Mahayana Buddhist monks of Stok and Spituk monasteries in Ladakh celebrate the Stok Guru Tsechu festival for two days. The festival is almost celebrated in the same manner as the Matho Nagrang, with two "oracles" making a spiritual appearance before the public. However, the only difference in the case of Stok Guru Tsechu is that the oracles are not monks but laymen from the village, who are spiritually cleansed and trained by the Lamas of the Spituk Monastery to invoke the deity and holy spirits. On the day of the festival, they invoke and receive the spirit of the deities and come into full spiritual trance. They run over the high rise ramparts of the monastery, jump from one balcony to another and execute a number of acrobatic feats, all while blindfolded. People from far and flung area of Ladakh come to see &  hear the oracles prediction of future events and to seek answers about their own future individually. A visit to witness monastic oracles of monasteries could enrich a new experience for the traveller and can help one to foresee the upcoming events of life.

Matho is the only example in Ladakh of the Sakyapa tradition  of Tibetan Buddhism.  Matho  is known to outsiders for its annual Oracle Matho Nagrang Festival, held on the 14th and 15th days of the first month of the Tibetan calendar. During this festival, two oracles, known as "Rongtsan", are said to inhabit and make a public appearance. The purpose of these oracles is to attempt to predict the fortunes of the local village communities welfare of the monks community and particularly for the purpose of local native's welfare  for the coming year. The monks that are to be the oracles   are chosen one every two years for duration of 4 years. The first year the monk will have to sit for meditational retreat in secluded place for 9 month before the festival. The three next years the meditation will last 3 months. The selection is done by the monks of the Matho Monastery : one name is drawn from a bowl where all monks allowed to be oracles have put their name written on a paper. Matho is also home to a collection of thangkas dating back to the 14th century.


22nd February 2018 : Arrival from Delhi to Leh and transfer to Maitreya Residence, at the bank of river Indus for complete rest for acclimatization./Hotel in Leh if it is for high profile clients. Accommodation will be depend on the choice of Homestays Or Hotel.

23rd February :  Walk  and take a local sightseeing of  Monastery and market. Overnight at Maitreya Residency.

24th February : Attend the  Festival of Stok Guru -Tsechu at Stok Village & return to Maitreya Residency.

25th February :  Attend the  Stok Guru Tsechu festival for the  second day.

26th February :  Tour along the Indus river, confluence of Indus and Zanskar rivers, Alchi-Likir sightseeing along the Indus river, visit to Hall of fame.

27th February : Visit to Khardong la Top 5600mtr; the World's highest motroable road with lot of snow at the Top./Shanti Stupa and Tsemo Gonpa.

28th February :  Local Sightseeing of Thiksey and other place of interests in and around Leh.

1st March  :     Winter Oracles Festival of  Matho Nagrang at Matho Monastery.

2nd  March  :   Attend the  Matho Nagrang Festival & evening around the Local market.

3rd  March 2018: Leh to Delhi fly out with a sweet memories of Ladakh-Himalayas!

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